This small size Vacuum Tumbler is able to marinate up to 15 pounds of meat. It is designed for small butcher shops as well as restaurants.


This concept provides an extraordinary marinating quality in a record time (15 minutes instead of 8-12 hours) as well as providing a wide variety of flavours according to the spices used for the marinating process. In addition to this, the weight of the meat may increase by 10% to 20%.
The combination of spices and proteins that float on the surface of the meat creates a protective layer, which increases the retention time from one to two days and further allows the seasonings to be absorbed equally.
The Vacuum Tumbler MAV marinates all sorts of meat (pork, beef, chicken, turkey, veal, lamb, game, ground beef, sausage, etc) including fish/seafood, cheese and vegetables.
It marinates up to 15 pounds of meat – according to your specific needs – for a better control of quality, cost, and inventory. You can provide your customers with a broad variety of products at low prices.
The MAV Vacuum Tumbler tenderizes tough meat by stretching the fibres.
Your meat will be more tender and juicy with an enhanced flavour.




IMPORTANT: The preserving time of the meat performed by the MAV Vacuum Tumbler depends on the freshness of the meat that is being used.
- Made of stainless steel (inside/outside)
- Especially designed for easy storage, cleaning, and use
- Meets all health standards
- Heavy-duty product that lasts for a long time
- Accessories for tumbling sausage is also available



- Nitrate filter
- Churn to marinate ground beef



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