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Founded in 1992 by Gaétan Bolduc from the region of Beauce (Quebec), GB Concepts is specialized in the design and manufacture of equipments for the food and catering industries.
GB Concepts was the first Canadian company to market the vacuum tumbler used to marinate the meat in a few minutes. The vacuum tumblers, whose production capacity varies from 15 up to100 pounds of meat at a time, were placed at supermarkets, butcher shops, and restaurants not only in the province of Quebec but all across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Europe, etc. These vacuum tumblers have the capacity of increasing the flavour and the weight of meat while reducing cooking time.
Always willing to respond to the culinary market needs, GB Concepts aims to design and develop cutting-edge equipments according to its customers’ needs.
In 1996, a new range of convection and pizza ovens were designed and marketed. These ovens run on 120V power and do not require any particular installation. These compact convection ovens have the same characteristics as the large commercial ovens. From now on, the fast cooking market is accessible to small restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, waiting rooms, billiard halls, cinemas, cafeterias, etc.
Concepts G.B designs and manufactures industrial ovens for the specific needs of various industries such as: auto glass company, preheated PVC (in order to be more flexible at the time of the installation) and for glass fibre. We have been manufacturing industrial ovens for more than 10 years according to our customers’ needs.
In order to meet the growing demand for smokinghouse, GB Concepts has developed a smoking oven able to cook under hot and cold temperatures. It operates on 110 volts and it was developed along with chemists’ advice for recipes. Whether your meat is timber, fish/seafood, cheese, and pork, we have the right recipe for you.
In 2010, we developed a cooking basin operating on 110 volts in order to ease the steaming such as: smoked meat, black pudding, hot dogs, homemade sausage, etc. Whether you marinate your meat, cook or reheat your pizza, smoke or broil your food, we have everything you need.
Always looking forward to meeting the culinary industry needs.
Concepts G.B. is now located in Saint-Victor de Beauce, Québec (Canada).



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